Singing Tips

If you have been singing for quite some time, you have probably lost some of the enthusiasm and excitement as compared to when you first started this craft. So, here are some ways to renew that old love for singing.

The first is for you to take singing lessons. Even if you have taken voice lessons in the past, you may consider taking another course to get fresh advice. You might have forgotten the basics and have developed bad habits like singing without warming up.  A “tune up” lesson might just be right for you to remember the fundamentals. So, call your old instructor and ask for a lesson that will help you remember the basics. You should always remember that these basics will help you avoid any vocal problems you may encounter due to bad singing technique.

The second step you might want to do is to try singing something different. Since you are already comfortable with the genre you are singing now, why don’t you try to discover if you can pull off another? Try to learn a new song with a different style so that you don’t fall on the usual routine.

Third is for you to re-evaluate yourself. Try to see if you still observe the basics when you are singing especially the placement, the breath support and your posture. Also check for tension that might be building up in the neck and face area to prevent any unpleasant sounds it may bring when you are singing.

Relaxation is the next step you should take. Always start your practice session by relaxing your body and your face. Try stretching exercises like the rag doll. To do the rag doll, stand with your feet hip-width apart and bend forward, allowing your arms, head and upper body to loosely hang. Shake the arms and head for a bit and let them dangle again. When the body does not feel strained, it can have a lot of good effects in one’s singing.

Fifth, you should try to have a regular exercise routine. Exercise is also one way for your body to relax and it strengthens the muscles. Some of those muscles, especially the abdominal muscles are very much needed for singing.

Sixth is to pamper yourself. Stress can do a lot of harmful things to singers and can make them get tired of singing. Sometimes, a small luxury like reading a good book can regain one’s focus and desire to excel in their field.


Next is to have a jam session with your other musician friends. A great jam session can bring back your appreciation for your craft and can re-kindle your love for music. Also, this is a very good way for you to have fun and break free from what you normally do.

Remember that a singer’s instrument is his body. When the body is in good shape, you get the energy and desire to do new materials. With these tips, you are surely to get back on your feet in no time.

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