How to Sing and Play Guitar So Both Sound Good!

girl-guitarSinging while playing the guitar is not an easy task. In fact, it will take a lot of practice and hard work. The effect of doing both things at the same time is like you are dealing with the same song in different rhythms. It will definitely take you days to master this craft and in fact, you will have to deal with a lot of issues. Here is a list of some of the problems musicians face when they sing while playing an instrument such as the guitar:

  • Staying on pitch
  • Making a particular syllable in the song match a guitar note
  • Keeping a stable strumming pattern
  • Staying coordinated
  • Keeping the right timing throughout the song
  • Making the song rhythms stay synchronized

Although it is difficult, it is not an impossible task for you to achieve. A lot of people can do it so do not be discouraged if at first, things may not go well for you. This article can give you the ways on how you can accomplish this task easier.

When trying to learn how to play the guitar while singing, just remember two things. First, don’t start with complicated pieces and second, use your imagination well.

Of course, we do have idols that we look up to and imitate. However, we must remember that they have probably had years of practice with their craft and that is why they are good at it. Starting with simple pieces does not mean you are not good. In fact, it will be better for you to start simple because you will have a better chance of mastering how to sing and play the guitar.

What you can do first is to hum the song you are trying to play. Try to focus mainly on the guitar chords so that in time, you will not even have to think about how you move your hands. This, then, will let the brain concentrate of the words and the proper way of singing the song.

Timing may come as a bit of a problem to you in the beginning. The words should be sung at the exact moment so that the guitar notes will also stay in the right rhythm. Practice verse-by-verse and try to get one verse right before moving on to the next. This is an advantage of choosing a simple song. You can definitely move through the verses quicker.

guitar-notesYou can also choose a song that has a very similar song and guitar rhythm. This will put the problem on timing out of the picture. Aside from keeping things simple, remember also to use your imagination. Because you are a beginner, the first skill you should lean is to imagine abstract concepts like pitch and notes as though they are real. This will make your body position itself the right way so that you can produce the right sound.

For example, try to imagine the song while also thinking that you are playing the guitar. This will probably create an image of how you want your fingers to move while strumming.

A lot of people actually start by practicing how to sing the song with a recording. This way, you can master the timing and you will be able to blend well with the song’s rhythm.

Of course, the most important thing that you should do is to try and practice as regularly as possible.


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